Home Repair and Improvement.

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Replacing the sewer line.

The Sewer line

I had to replace the clay sewer line coming from the house. I only replaced half of it at this time. It run under a concrete slab, Crape Myrtle tree and fence before finally joining the city main in the alley. I'll probably have to replace, or bypass that section this summer. (2011)

The carport project.

Removing an old chimney and adding a carport.

Foyer doors project.

The foyer door project

The kitchen and living room areas were open to the foyer, which is open to the stair case. It was impossible to keep the kitchen, living room, and downstairs bathroom warm without closing them off and heating them separately. I closed off the hall under the staircase from that part of the house to the foyer.

Kitchen floor project

The kitchen floor project

Replacing the rotten kitchen floor.

Working on the house with a cherry picker

The eves project

I rented a cherry picker to enclose the eves. I also painted the highest and hardest to reach parts of the house.

Stairs to the balcony

The balcony stairs project

I built a staircase up to the balcony from the side of the front porch. It goes to a landing in the side yard, then enter the balcony from the rear at the side of the house.

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